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  • Increase your sales and extend your retail business hours to 24/7 using a mobile shopping cart
  • Boost customer loyalty and retention by sending coupons and deals via mobile push notifications – the latest platform for mobile marketing
  • Let your customers share their favorite product/deal that you offer on any social network of their choice (i.e. Facebook, twitter) generating more business exposure for you to increase your retail sales
  • Allow your customers save their favorite product to expedite the re-ordering process or for price-watch notifications*
  • Use the traditional shipping-billing method or accept payments securely using PayPal mobile credit card processing*
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Fun Facts

In Store Help
62% of shoppers while in store will use the stores mobile app or website while shopping.
Retailer apps consume 27% of the customers browsing time and only 20% using the retailer’s website.
Purchasing Power
With the increase of mobile devices and apps; purchases have increased 6 times over last year.
49% of all shoppers believe they are better informed about the products or services than the store associates.
The Way of The Future
With last year's holiday sales reaching $55 Billion total. An increase of 17%. A total of 30% of those sales were done through a mobile app. This is an increase of 96% over the previous year.

With the rapid rise of smartphones and tablets in recent years, the human fascination with technology has turn to a common life-style. Our eyes are glued to these magical devices that offer us almost whatever we want anytime and anywhere. So any forward-thinking person in retail should follow where people's eyes are and install their signage right in front of them using their own branded business app.

Here are some facts gathered to show that it’s time for you and your business to connect and engage with your “always online” customers and make mobile sales a central part of your strategy:

  • Mobile Retail Sales to Exceed $700 billion Annually by 2018
  • ‘Cyber Monday’ in 2013 saw retail sales via mobiles and tablets approach $400 million in the US alone
Build a mobile app and make money
  • Smartphones are an emerging point of purchase; Last year in the United States, 46% of smartphone users have purchased a product or service on their smartphone and 57% of these smartphone shoppers have made a purchase in the past month. This sharp increase in sales has turned the heads of many businesses to quickly adopt smartphones as a new point of sale.
  • Smartphones shoppers are frequent buyers; 60% American shoppers make mobile purchases at least once a month
  • 40% of all online shoppers prefer to use an app to make a purchase rather than making the sale through that companies retail website.
  • Smartphones are always on, always with you; 83% of US citizens don’t leave home without their device
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71% of all consumers base their decision to enter a store just on looks alone.


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