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The MobiBlossom Advantage

Mobility is a must-do for today’s business. But the path to mobile success isn’t always clear. What apps do we need? What devices, OS’s, and experiences should we support? How will our customers and/or employees use our apps? And what’s the best way to get them built?

Organizations face a variety of answers and options to all of these questions. But increasingly, certain approaches outperform the rest. Choosing a mobile app developer or a mobile web developer that can fine tune your needs as cost effective as possible is vital.

MobiBlossom is a mobile app developer and a mobile web developer. We focus on mobile app / web strategy, design and development. Our goal is to improve everyone’s ability to be mobile and truly give the end user what they need at a touch of their finger.

By combining app strategy, app design and app development all together, the cost of developing an app is greatly reduced. We also offer the MobiBlossom Advantage ; by using our own cloud based backbone to serve content to your app you can save as much as $75,000 on your app development.

If you are interested in starting your own mobile app development project for your start-up or business get a quote to start the process now.

How much does it cost to make an app?

We are asked this question several times per day. Here at MobiBlossom we are working hard to help our customers and potential customers to get the right quote for the mobile app development project. We always tell our curious onlookers that the cost of making an app varies on the features and platform that the app requires.

You can search around on the internet and find that the cost for app development will range anywhere from $3,000 - $250,000. There are many factors to consider when looking at app development cost. The first is how much will the developers do for you. This means do they include the app design cost? Does the price include iPhone app development costs as well as Android app development costs?

cost of an app compared to a car

You can compare an app to a car. When shopping around for a car you will find many makes and models. Each car has different cargo capacities and engine performance. While on the outside the people who look at your car see the look and color. It is true that the design and color of an app are very important, but to the user the performance and cargo capacities are equally as important.

The same goes for an app. When shopping around for an app. It is very important to look under the hood and know what you are getting in terms of performance and storage. No app is alike and they are all unique in their own way. When working on project cost estimating; it is important to do your research on all aspects of the app. Plan where your data will be stored. Storage for an app is critical, just like on a computer the most important information is the closest to the processor. Your app should be the same. All information and data that gets used the most should be on the device. All other data should be stored in a cloud. Having data in a cloud vs a webserver is another important factor. A cloud has your information stored in many locations around the world, allowing for you to grab the content from the closest source. A webserver is hosted in one location, this means the further away the user is from the webserver the slower the app performance.

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Buy More and Save 20% Off the Cost of Your Mobile Development

When your purchase both a mobile app and mobile website you will save 20% off the total cost of your development project.

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Searching for a bargain on app development?

A lot of people searching for a bargain on app development want to spend as little as possible on mobile app development. The majority of the cost of app development is the salary of the developer. App developers cost anywhere from $40 - $70 per hour.

This may seem like a very high salary to pay a person. What most people fail to see is that the people who make mobile apps have a minimum of 4 years education and then start making apps for a company. Then every year that same developer will have to take 2 to 3 courses per year to keep current. This is the same amount of specialized education that a dentist would have.

Mobile apps can only be made by people who know how to program in the native language of the device that they are making the app for. Overall when looking at software development costs; you will find that the cost for mobile app development is at least 10 times more than the cost of web development.

So how much does a mobile app cost? The only way for you to know is to get a quote from various companies. Most software development companies have an app cost calculator. These calculators will help you get a project cost estimation.

The most important part for getting an estimation for the cost of app development is to get the mobile app development cost breakdown. The majority of software development companies will not give this breakdown online. However if you place a request to their sales team they will be more than happy to give you the break down.

How much does custom app development cost?

This is a rhetorical question. As all mobile development is custom. There are many companies that will off an app builder. The majority of these companies offer a monthly fee to have your own app. These apps are what is known as a hybrid app that displays all of your apps content in a web view. The majority of customers want a custom app. With a custom app you can pick what platform you want to support such as iPhone, iPad, and Android app.

Keep in mind that you do not need to support all platforms as 80% of all mobile users are on Android and 18% are on iPhone and iPad. In North America those numbers are almost 50/50.

It is true that in North American you should always include both Apple and Android platforms when budgeting for the cost of mobile app development. However in Europe, you can really focus on Android only as the majority of the population use Android.

At MobiBlossom, we love to design and develop apps for all types of businesses. We have created our own app cost estimator. This quote that you will receive from our estimator comes from the factors that you entered. Most get a “sticker shock” when seeing the price for the first time. This price is not the final cost of developing an app. It is a mere estimation of what you believe that you need. Our consultants will work with you to fine tune those numbers and will give you a more accurate cost to build an app. Our mobile app development costs are some of the lowest in the industry. We work hard to keep our price low to stay competitive. We hope this answers your question about how much do apps cost.

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Fun Facts

Interesting things to know about app development costs

Small Apps
The average cost of an Apple iOS app for the iPhone is $6,500 industry wide. When developing for iPad the average cost increases to $12,000. For Android the average cost for an app is on par with Apple at $6,500.
Medium Apps
The average cost of an Apple iOS app for the iPhone is $18,000 industry wide and the iPad's average cost increases to $24,000. For Android the average cost for an app is on par with Apple at $18,000.
In order to get the most users for an app, the app must be free. To make up the cost of the app the best method is to use advertisement and offer an ad free version with in-app payments.
Every year, both Apple and Google release a new major version of their mobile operating systems. All apps must be upgraded to stay compatible with the latest and greatest and this cost needs to be accounted for.