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The MobiBlossom Advantage

You are shopping around for a company to build you an app. There are many things that you are considering such as cost, time, and your own personal effort. Somewhere out there on the internet you will stumble upon a company that will meet most of your requirements. You wish there was a company that can meet and exceed your expectations.

Welcome to the MobiBlossom Advantage. We are your last stop on your journey. Take the time now to get familiar with us. We will be by your side every step of the way to make your app and website a true reality.

Save up to 75% off your initial development costs
Reduce development time by up to 50%
Expand into markets outside of your area
Have an app design that exceeds your customers expectations

The Financial Advantage

MobiBlossom is ready to make your project a reality by making the payments as flexible as the development. We only charge for what we develop and are capable of delivering the right product with the lowest development costs. We achieve this by doing the following:

  • Small batch development
  • Single platform beta testing
  • Multi-phase approach
  • Analytic based decisions
  • Customer test groups

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planning a financial strategy

Developing For The Entrepreneur

At MobiBlossom, we like to treat all projects as an entrepreneurial endeavour. For most companies, going mobile is new for them and will need to make as few mistakes as possible. This is why we plan our payments to match our development strategy for all projects.

The speed and pace of development is purely up to you. We can develop the project in one large batch or break it down to very small releases on a single platform until the concept becomes a prosperous product.

By building in small batches you can save up to 50% off of wasted development and costs.

save development time

The Time Advantage

The majority of software development companies that you see often outsource 20 – 70% of their development to other software development companies in other areas of the world such as India, China, Romania or any other developing nation.

Having your work outsourced causes development to take more time due to time zone and language barriers.

Also most software development companies use students or junior developers to keep the cost down.

This is where the MobiBlossom Advantage reduces your time. Our developers are all in house, located in Vancouver, British Columbia. All of our developers are either Senior or Intermediate. We do not hire Junior or student developers. All of our developers have a minimum of 5 years software development experience working for many companies big and small. Since all of our developers are well groomed, they are able to code approx. 80% faster than a junior developer.

With MobiBlossom you save 80% of the coding time than our competitors.

The End to End Advantage

Building an app requires many components such as the app itself, services and websites. Even more a lot of apps integrate with other company’s products and services. Many app development companies cannot handle the wide array of different software development as it requires many different programming languages.

At MobiBlossom, our staff is well versed in all of the current programming languages and we deliver all aspects of your project end to end. We pride ourselves on being the one stop shop. Do you need a desktop app or a website or a mobile app? Do you need to be compatible with a specific hardware? Do you need hosting services?

We are here to do all the work for you so that you don’t have to.

completing the task from begining to end

Need a powerful backbone for your app at the lowest cost?

Check out our live data service and see what it can do. Our service can be integrated into any app and run anywhere in the world.

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The MobiBlossom Toolbox Advantage

We develop our projects to be reusable. This does not mean that we resell what we already produce to everyone. Every project component gets put into a software tool box so that we can pull it out and use it on other projects. Of course not all tools are a perfect fit, so that is why we modify them to work for you.

By using our toolbox we dramatically save time and cost developing your project. Every project adds more tools.

The Strategic Advantage

Have you ever wondered if your app had so many features if they would even be used? Is it worth spending the extra money on that little extra something? Will it cost me more to add it later than right from the beginning?

MobiBlossom is your strategic partner in developing your project. We do not charge more for additional development, in fact we encourage your project to go through many cycles instead of one big development cycle.

Developing an app raises a lot of questions about user acceptance. By making an app start off with just the basic functionality and placing it into the market we can gather a lot of feedback from your users. App’s driven from customer feedback are more successful than apps created in whole.

Building a strategy that gives you app true life cycles is the best way to develop your app. Listening to customer feedback and gauging if a feature is needed or not can save you a lot of money and greatly reduce the cost of development.

Smaller development cycles also allow for your product to be delivered faster to the market.

MobiBlossom Live Data Service

We have our own cloud. In order for you to get information to your app you need to have a web service somewhere in the world. Web services are great when you are working with a limited amount of viewers in a particular area. But what happens when your customer are all around the world and growing in numbers every day?

That is when cloud services come into play. A cloud service has many geo locations. What this means is that the cloud service is hosted all over the world in multiple data centers allowing for you customer to use the closest service to them.

Having a cloud service all over the world allows for better performance and greater reliability. If one of our services just happens to go down, the next closest service will pick up where the last one left off.

Our cloud service is hosted and managed by Microsoft, a world leader in cloud hosting. MobiBlossom has harnessed the power of Microsoft’s Azure Cloud services to bring all of our customers a reliable product.

Our services are already built and in operation. What this brings to you is reduced development fees as the work is almost already done for you.

MobiBlossom live data service will save you money, plus increase your app’s performance and reliability.

think global when it comes to reaching out for your new customers

Want an app you can manage yourself?

All of our apps that we develop have the option to use our content management service.

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MobiBlossom Content Management System

How do you get your content onto your app? Do you need to a new version of your app every time you want a change? How can you edit your images, writing, prices and more?

The answer is very simple, you use a content management system .

Most companies will build you a content management system for your app and you will pay for it. The starting cost to most content management systems start at $12,000. There is a lot of work behind building a content management system.

The MobiBlossom Advantage allows you to use our own in house content management system . Our system has been greatly refined over the years for great flexibility. Our system allows you to resize and crop images, edit all of your text, change your apps functions and more through our easy to use interface.

Using our content management system will save you $12,000 or more!