Financial Advantage

We help you save money on quality software by offering you the best solution for your needs and budget.

The MobiBlossom Financial Advantage

The majority of all software companies require you to pay up front for most and if not all of the development work. In fact most customers that require custom software development are not 100% sure if their requirements and ideas are the correct ones. This poses a huge financial burden on the customer. Most customers would prefer a way to pay progressively and be able to cancel mid project if needed.

MobiBlossom Solutions has listened to its customers and developed a strategy that is beneficial to both sides. Each development project is broken up into phases and each phase will have a cost. No more developing a product that you are unsure if it will work and spending even more money to fix what your customers do not want.

The trick is in short development cycles producing only 1 feature at a time. Each release will offer a fully functional app or website that you can test with your customers. This will give you incredible feedback and allow you to see if your project is on track to achieve its overall goal or if a pivotal change is required.

Knowing what works early on and only paying for each development cycle helps you save money and get your project right from the beginning.

The best part is that you can stop development at any point and you will not have to buy out the contract.