Powered By: Microsoft Azure

MobiBlossom Live Data Service

Region Location
Central US Iowa
East US Virginia
East US 2 Virginia
US Gov Iowa Iowa
US Gov Virginia Virginia
North Central US Illinois
South Central US Texas
West US California
North Europe Ireland
West Europe Netherlands
East Asia Hong Kong
Southeast Asia Singapore
Japan East Saitama Prefecture
Japan West Osaka Prefecture
Brazil South Sao Paulo State
Australia East New South Wales
Australia Southeast Victoria
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Powered By the Cloud

MobiBlossom Live Data Service runs on a global cloud platform created by Microsoft, a world leader in technology.

Cloud Datacenters Located All Across the Globe

With 17 Datacenters around the world and 8 of them located inside the United States.

Localized and Geo Redundant

Our cloud service runs on Multiple servers in any given datacenter, making our service locally redundant. If a data center goes offline our service is still running at the other data centers. MobiBlossom's live data service is hard to stop.

Powerful and Scalable

Our service is dynamically scalable; meaning that our live data service will never slow down to increase usage. Our services run on a platform with unlimited resources.

Just Another MobiBlossom Advantage

Our MobiBlossom Live Data Service starts at just $9 per month. We are here to save you money! Check out all of the advatages of using MobiBlossom Solutions for your next project.

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