Re-Engage Your Customers by Sending Them Targeted and Location-Based Mobile Push Notifications

Mobile Push Notifications, Promotional Strategy and Micromarketing

Build customer loyalty and increase customer retention by marketing to existing customers using mobile push notifications - the newest and most powerful form of micro-marketing that takes your mobile strategy to another level.

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  • Mobile push notifications allow you to connect and stay connected with your app users 24/7 at no cost - unlike text message marketing (aka. SMS marketing) that might cost the user money.
  • Mobile push notifications are real-time and highly visible as they immediately show up on the app user’s screen, even if your app has not been launched - unlike email marketing you don’t have to rely on whether or when your customers read it.
  • Mobile push notifications can be customized, scheduled or automated depending on your promotional strategy. Here are some example:
  • Schedule sending a push notification on 1st of every month to remind customers about customer appreciation day’s 15% discount, so you don’t need to do it manually every month. You can also handle different time-zones using scheduled push notifications.
  • Automate push notifications to notify your customer when an item in their watchlist/favorite list is on sale, or as real estate agent you can automate push notifications to notify your home buyers about a new listing added to the system.
  • Target a specific user or group of users, for example, send push notifications with a promo-code to customers that have purchased a product or service from you within last 30 days.
  • Promote a certain product by sending a push notification about the deal on it and when the customer taps on the push notification, it directly opens that product page on your app.
  • Reward customer loyalty and increase customer retention by sending them timely and customized push notifications with special discounts, coupons and promo-codes.
Mobile Marketing and Promotional Strategy

What Powers Our Push Notification System?

Are you curious on how we are able to send messages to all of those users? The answer is easier than you think!

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Micromarketing & mobile push notification

The power of push notifications come from being immediate, direct and visible but abusing this power might turn it an annoyance for your app users which might tempt them to turn off your push notifications or remove your app from their device. So make sure it is properly timed and customized to your customers preferences to avoid spamming. Push notifications should alway be about something that the customer cares for; a special deal , a special treat, a new product/listing or a change of status (i.e. order in process /order shipped).

How Many People Enable Push?

A recent study shows that 46% of all iOS users have push enabled in their apps. Android has a higher amount with 59% of their users enabling push notifications.

Open and Conversion Rates

General broadcast messages are opened 3% of the time.

If the message is from an app that matches the users behaviour than the statistics more than double to 7%.

15% of all users who clicked on a basic message actually converted into a sale

All notifications that directed the user directly into the app to the exact product that you are promoting had a conversion rate of 54%

Fun Facts

The Top 5 Reason Why Having Push Notifications In Your App Is Important

Users with push enabled have 3x HIGHER Retention compared to users with push notifications disabled.
App Launches
Push enabled users have 88% MORE App Launches over users with push notifications disabled.
Time Between Sessions
Users with push enabled have 55% SHORTER Interval between the last time they opened the app.
Enable Power Users
Users with push enabled have a 39% HIGHER Usage that exceeds 10+ sessions per month
Reduced App Abandonment
21% of users only use an app one time before deleting the app or just let it sit on their device un-used. With push notifications enabled, the app abandonment rate drops to a staggering 11%. That is nearly a 50% decrease in app abandonment.

What Is My Return on Investment?

In order for you to find out what your ROI would be by having push notification in your next app you need to take the first step.

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How to Send a Push Notification

  • Logon to Content Manager
  • From left side navigation bar select Push Notifications
  • Enter a title and a message then click on Send Message
  • Set up a schedule
  • Automate
  • target
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