Keep your users engaded with a sleek and inspiring desgin

Having a great design is much more than just how the app looks. All app’s can be full of great colors and images, but a great app must function better than it looks. When designing an app there are many factors that must be considered. The first and obvious factor is that an app is an app and not a website.

You app must follow specific guidelines for the platform that it will be running on. Both Apple and Google have their own guidelines for how the UI must behave. It is critical that you do not mix the 2 guidelines up as you may have your app rejected. An iPhone app should not look like an Android app and vice versa.

Part of the guideline also dictates in some way how the flow of the app should function. With each new version of the operating systems on both platforms, more functionalities are being added. As part of these functionalities you will find gestures. Gestures are the swiping motions that you do on the screen in order to perform a function. Both platforms have similar gestures and some gestures are platform specific. When designing your app you must take all of this into consideration as you will need to put compensating measures into your design.

All app’s have a big picture for the entire scope of the project. In most cases you will have an external database that you use to feed your app information. Between the database and the app there are many objects in between. Designing the big picture is more important to the overall design than how your app actual looks like. The big picture design affects performance and functionalities. Having a slow app or an app that does not function properly will give you more negative reviews than just having a bad color combination.

MobiBlossom is well versed in creating the backbones of all apps. We also offer our MobiBlossom live data service for your app to use to save you development costs. All great apps need a strong backbone.

Apple Appstore and GooglePlay Approval Guaranteed!

MobiBlossom has delivered hundreds of apps and are well experienced in delivering quality apps with UI’s that will pass all app store submissions.

One of the biggest issues that we face today is security. In the world of IT, security is the number one factor when doing any type of development or implementation. We are bombarded with an entire list of security standards that our businesses must meet.

By not designing security into your app you may not be in compliance with any number of standards. This may cause your company to be penalized in some way in the future. One of the biggest factors is privacy. Keeping private data is one of the most talked about and controversial piece of data to keep secure. Private data can be as little as having someone’s email address and go all the way to having their credit card information or more.

Designing for security means that no data is stored in public areas of the device and on the internet. This also means that all communication must be secured with the latest and strongest encryption technologies. Many big companies have had public security breaches over the last few years causing them to lose customers and remain untrusted by the customers that they were able to keep.

MobiBlossom is well knowledgeable in keeping your data secure. When designing your app we will let you know what data is worth keeping and which data is not. On top of that we will tell you how we plan to secure the data from end to end.

Upon requests when your project is finished we can supply documents for your audit records to show the effort placed in keeping the data secure.

A lot of software is programed in a way that it is very difficult to upgrade. This is poor design and creates additional costs when you would like to add a new feature. When our team at MobiBlossom designs an app we always focus on the ease of adding new abilities into the code to make it as versatile as it can be. By using the proper design in the first place we save you money in the future.

The customer is always right. A term heard for generations. MobiBlossom solutions believes that the design should always move forward. It is true that a single person’s opinion is not weighted as heavily as the consensus of the group. Our design is heavily weighted based on our Agile development methodology. As we revisit the design of the app every development cycle, no design is ever permanent. This helps with the unknown and allows for temporary measures to be implemented while we get the consensus of the majority. There may not be a right or wrong way to a design but there is a path of least resistance.