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Mobile apps for taxi

Ever since start-ups such as Uber and Lyft started a ride sharing program with mobile apps, most taxi companies have found the need to compete. The competition is not necessarily about the quality of service or the number of vehicles on the road, but more along the line of customer convenience. The majority of users do everything on their mobile device except actually call someone for a service. This disconnection is what helped make companies like Uber and Lyft successful. Taxi companies need mobile apps to compete with their other competitors.

There are a lot of taxi apps in the app store but none of them are a proper fit for a taxi company. Not all taxi companies are the same and not all laws and regulations for their area are the same. Taxi companies for the most part contract out for custom mobile app development to create their own taxi app. Some are very basic that only record the users name and location where there dispatch can add that call into their dispatch system. There are other taxi app platforms that fully integrate end to end that do not need a moderator in the middle. Depending on what your company needs this market place has a broad price range, however the pay off in the amount of usage will pay off quickly.

a mobile app for taxi is a create way to improve customer satisfaction

Are you in need of a website and mobile app?

MobiBlossom works with all mobile platforms. This includes website, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. If you or your company is in need of going mobile in all aspects, we are the team for you.

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mobile app for contractors

Mobile apps for contractors

There are contractors for all types of industry. Whether you are in construction, IT, medical, sales or anything in between, a mobile app can make you more productive. Most contractors needs to have a lot of information available to them to pass along to their customers. Specialized mobile apps can bring a wide array of services at your fingertips. For the sales person, the ability to generate a quote on the spot without the need to price sheets or access to a computer and printer would greatly speed the process up.

With a mobile app you can create a digital copy of the quote and instantly email the quote, invoice or information sheet you’re your client. Other functionalities such as in app mapping and measurement of an area are also possible. This means there would be no need to bring a tape measure, paper, pens or an extra camera to do a simple survey. If you have an idea for a tool that would help your industry and would like to bring it to your company or share it with the world then start your app today.

Mobile apps for dentists

Are you getting constant no shows? A mobile app can really help out an appointment based service. Mobile apps can remind your patients about their next appointments. Apps are very powerful tools that can integrate into any phones built in calendar, thus making your appointment visible to your clients, everywhere. The percentage of desktop users are in a steep decline, a mobile app can delivery your practice’s sites information within the app to promote better cleaning and more importantly all the services your office provides.

Using a mobile app platform, you can integrate your company’s reservation system right into the app, allowing for your customers to book on their device and cancel within the cancelation period. Having a mobile app integrated with your appointment scheduler can allow you to free up those vacant spaces. Mobile apps will make going to the dentist less stressful and more rewarding at the same time.

mobile app for dentist office

Your journey to a professional app must start somewhere!

Start off buy getting a rough estimate. Our cost calculator will get you a ball park figure of how much it will cost to build an app. Once you have tried our calculator than talk to one of our representatives and discuss your idea to get a great price.

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mobile apps for doctors

Mobile apps for doctors

Anytime a person goes to the doctor’s office the one thing that is very noticeable is the amount of files and folders and paperwork. Most see the doctor’s office as old and behind the times when in fact they are always on the cutting edge of all technology. Sure some doctor offices still have all of those files, folders and the paper prescription form.

However the new trend is going to digital prescriptions. That is right, no more paper slip. Doctors can have a few ways of giving out prescriptions, some will enter the information into a desktop in the exam room and print the prescription or email it to the required pharmacy. This is great for most, however most exam rooms are not designed or big enough for a desktop computer.

This is where a mobile app would be ideal. Imaging walking around with a tablet that can access your patient database and allow you to pull up all of their health records, see their last test results or x-ray’s. Of course there is still the prescription even that can be generated, put on file and sent to the pharmacy. The best part, no more paper! A doctor can save more than just patients, they can save trees too.

Mobile app business cards

Have you ever wondered what happens to all of the business cards you hand out on a daily bases. It is almost a guarantee that 95% of them end up in the garbage, the last 5% end up in a wallet or a drawer somewhere. It is true that you can have an app that does the same thing as a business card, just with a bigger wow factor. Mobile app business cards will most likely get stuck in your customers phone and not the garbage, what this means is that every time they go flipping through all of their apps, your app will always stand out and remind them of you. These small apps can have any feature that you imagine. Keep your customer engaged and stop wasting old fashioned business cards.

business cards for mobile devices