MobiBlossom Solutions Inc

MobiBlossom Solutions started as an idea from 3 Senior IT professionals from Vancouver British Columbia Canada. The idea was driven by the simple fact that the majority of all businesses online are not properly represented by the mobile market. When ever we looked for a business online we found that most companies are either represented by a directory of they have a website that is not readable on a mobile phone. What we believed is that if we came up with a solution that can making their business appear on a native app available in the app stores and also be cost effective; we would solve this dilemma.

Starting in 2011 we went to work on building a mobile platform unseen to the world. The development of this cloud based platform had begun. In conjunction to the development of the could based service, we also began work on the app platforms. The mobile platform was designed to have all of the features that you can find on a mobile device available for every small business. Unlike the competitors in the market at the time, MobiBlossom made the decision to make their apps pure native apps instead of HTML5 or hybrid. MobiBlossom designed a very high quality cloud based platform that is scalable worldwide and is very flexible for any application.

Selling monthly subscription packages was the entry point into the mobile market. With a three tier system, the team at MobiBlossom was selling pre-made apps with ease. Using their in house content management system, clients could simply log into their portal and modify their app on the fly.

As every great idea goes through iterations. MobiBlossom being one of the leaders in the mobile market for small business had many request for custom app development. Seeing that the demand was so high, MobiBlossom at the end of 2014 had decided to stop selling their three tier pre made apps and focus exclusively on custom development

Now with an expanded team, MobiBlossom is taking on the mobile market one business at a time to show the world that everyone needs an app.

We Are Proudly Canadian!

Our office is located in Vancouver, Canada! Which give us the advantage of being on the same time-zone as Silicon Valley!

Where are you located?

MobiBlossom is located in Vancouver British Columbia. We are proud to be a Canadian based IT company. Vancouver is the world’s fastest growing IT sectors in the world. Within the last 3 years the world’s biggest IT companies have opened up offices here. These businesses include Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and more! Later this year we will see both Apple and Google open up offices in Vancouver.

The population of Vancouver is a mere 2.5 million. However we are in the top 10 IT start-up cities in the world. We live in the 2nd best city to live in the world. We have the 3rd greenest city in the world. As you may imagine we are proud of where we come from.

Being located in Canada is a benefit to the majority if our customers. 80% of our business comes from the United States. Since the average Salary in Canada is lower than its US counterparts and the dollar is lower; this make development a much more cost effective decision than having the work done in the United States.

MobiBlossom [mob-bee blos-uh m] is the combination of two words; mobile and blossom. The idea behind the name came from the concept of new beginnings for small businesses getting into the mobile market.

MobiBlossom has a strong emphasis on Mobile. What this means is that we focus and cater only to the mobile market. All of our development work is purely for the mobile addicts of the world. Every app that we create for the iPhone and Android devices use as much features that both the app requires and the device can handle. This gives a very feature rich experience.

We offer what we call the MobiBlossom Advantage. This gives all customers the ability to tap into our cloud based services to dish our live content to their app and can save development costs of up to $75,000. The other part of the MobiBlossom Advantage is that we are a Canadian based company. What this means is that the American dollar goes a lot further with us that most other development companies.