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What are the Advantages of Content Management Systems

  • Have all of your products, images, prices, text all organized in one simple interface
  • No need for a developer to change your content
  • No need to submit a new app for a minor change
  • Add, modify, delete any content or element on the fly in real time.
  • Save time and money by managing your own marketing compaigns.
  • Receive and manage all orders through one easy interface anywhere in the world.
  • Generate the reports that you need, when you need them.
User entering data into a content management system

Need Access to your content manager?

Once you have signed up with us, you will have access to your content manager to add, modify and delete any content on your app.

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What can a Content Manager do?

Video & Images
Have the ability add images and video's. Resize and Crop images to optimize the size of the mobile devices screen.
Control your inventory. Add stock levels and remove discontinued items. Create your own clearance items quickly.
Shopping Cart
Manage your entire product line and receive orders through the content manager. Modify payment and shipping options.
Consolidate and run any report that your business needs either manually or automatically. Get the right reports designed for you.
Total App Control
Take control of your app. Every aspect of the app can be managed. Don't spend extra money to pay someone else to make a change that you should be able to do yourself. No more phone calls, no more waiting.

Restaurants are an excellent example of when to use a content management system. Most facilities change their menu quarterly and have daily specials. Restaurants typically have a very large audience and can benefit a great deal. Most restaurants have started to implement take-out. Places that offer take-out range from fast food to fine dining. The typical user is more willing to pay more for convenience.

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The retail industry sells every single product that we own today. The majority of the products that we purchased are known as convenience items. These items we can purchase without physically seeing them. The entire e-commerce industry is built on these types of items. With the introduction of m-commerce, everyday people are now purchasing these convenience items through mobile apps instead of websites.

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All apps can use a content management system. You are not limited by industry or app type. A content management system is great for end to end development of your entire app infrastructure. Industries that can use a content management system include but are not limited to: construction, government, health care, hospitality, real estate, restaurant, retail, tourism and transportation. See how a CMS can fit into your mobile strategy.

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Do you want a content management system?

Get a quote from us to see how much it will cost to implement a content management system for your app.

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