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App Development

App Development is very unique to the world of software development. App development has many facets that need to be considered such as hardware and data usage limitations. All of the code must be optimized and well packed to use the least amount of space on the device. Unlike desktop software which will be installed once and left on the device, most mobile users frequently add and remove apps to save space on their devices for music and photo’s. In this process only the best apps survive. The reason why you are here at MobiBlossom is that you need expertise in creating an app that will work and stand the test of time.

The average iPhone app is 23MB while the average Android app is 6MB. While these numbers seem very small; entry level smartphones come with as little of 512MB of user storage. The average user will consume approx. 8GB of data just for music and video’s alone. Apple has made the decision not to create any product less than 16GB and Android hardware developers still make entry level phones for developing nations. However almost all Android phones in North America have 8GB of storage with some even having expandable storage via SD cards.

In order to keep your app off of the storage hogging wagon, your app needs to be developed smart and efficient. The best way to accomplish this is to store as much data in the cloud as possible and use the phones cache to store this data for offline use. The user when needing to regain storage can then clear their cache and dump the data while keeping your app alive in their pockets.

There are a few different techniques for developing a mobile app. The 2 main techniques are native and hybrid. Both techniques have their pros and cons. Native apps are designed to use all the power of the devices hardware while storing as much data locally on the device as possible. Where hybrid is an app frame pulling all of its data from a website. Hybrid apps require the website to be designed with all of the buttons and functionality and its speed is heavily reliant on the speed of the connection.

MobiBlossom Solutions prefer to make pure native apps. Native apps are naturally faster and better performing than any other type of app. Most companies that you search for on the internet that offer great prices and free apps are all based on a hybrid architecture. When looking at your competitors apps just turn off your data and load their app. If the app gives you a message that this app requires a data connection then they have a hybrid app. Native apps do not require a network connection after the first load unless their cache has been emptied. This allows for you app to be used more frequently.

Experience and expertise matters in many ways!

For all of our software Development team, a minimum of 5 years of experience in creating high quality applications is required.

All apps go through a review processes either by Apple, Google or Microsoft. Each app goes under a battery of test. Each test will determine if the app is cut out for the app store. These test include but are not limited to: reliability, user experience, battery usage, resource requirements, developer guidelines, security and privacy.

When developing an app it is very easy to make a mistake that can fail your review processes. Having experience to prevent this from happening is crucial. Before any app store submission, MobiBlossom reviews each app in the same way as the app stores to prevent an app rejection. Making the app make the grade is our responsibility and guarantee.

An app will either have all of its required data built into the app itself or come from the cloud. Most apps require support from an external source. In order to get this support someone needs to develop the services to support the app. MobiBlossom has two options, the first is to develop the services for your app and give it to a hosting provider on your behalf. The second option is to use our live date service to host your data all over the world in our cloud provided by Microsoft.

MobiBlossom’s live data services is hosted all over the world in many geo-locations. This gives you the best support for your app and the greatest reliability. Our service can save you anywhere between 20-70% of your development costs.

Most software development companies hire junior developers to work on the vast majority of their projects. This is to keep their cost down while grooming them into their respective field. Most of these employees are fresh from school and have not developed a mobile app before.

MobiBlossom Solutions requires that all of their employees have a minimum of 5 years software development experience with at least 2 years dedicated to mobile app development. What this means for our customers is that all apps are developed by an intermediate to senior developer. Experience matters in many ways. It speeds up the development process, resolves issues faster, and predicts common issues before they become an issue and much more.

The team at MobiBlossom while constantly growing has a combined experience of 65 years.